Ramsina (Râm-sē-na)


I am passionate about many things, but design and creative direction is what I want to continue to do for the long haul.

In May, I graduated from LSU with a BA in mass communication and a minor in visual communication, and I currently still live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

I like to learn a bit of everything, so I dabble slightly in photography, social media management and copy writing. As a creative problem solver,  I'm always eager to learn more and improve my skills wherever I can.

  1. Puzzles, including, but not limited to, jigsaws, riddles, and crosswords

  2. Traveling anywhere and everywhere

  3. Baking — The holiday season is my time to shine!

  4. Netflix binges

  5. Driving in the car for the sole purpose of listening to music

  1. I am Assyrian, from the ancient Mesopotamian civilization (I can even speak the language)

  2. I swam competitively from ages 8 to 18 — I wasn't amazing at it, but it was fun!

  3. I've used Airbnb in 6 states and 3 countries

  4. Giraffes are my favorite animals

  5. I'm really good with names

  1. All the small details

  2. Mamma Mia! — the first and second movies

  3. Specialty coffees

  4. Skin care products

  5. Harry Potter — I named my cat after a spell

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