For my advertising design class, my group was given a Heinz brief for the company’s 150th anniversary that outlined making ketchup the star, introducing a new audience to the brand, facilitating a conversation about the past and future and showing consumers that Heinz still offers great flavor and quality after 150 years. For this campaign, we decided we needed to focus on ketchup, Heinz specifically, to ensure it was the star of the show. Heinz ketchup, and only Heinz ketchup, can make anything taste good, so it doesn’t matter what food was shown in the ads, and that message needed to be conveyed globally to all generations. Heinz has been the choice ketchup for We also needed to implement our ideas across multiple media to reach maximum engagement with our audience. Our target market was millennials, who did not have brand loyalty; however, we wanted to solidify brand loyalty for the current generational consumers, while also creating brand recognition for the millennials. 


Since ketchup is a household item, we wanted to portray the product in an unconventional way that demonstrated its timelessness from the classic tapping of the bottom of the bottle to its recognizable shape. We used a past, present and future ad series that refreshes the brand to communicate this message, as well as reminding consumers they have loved this product for many years and it deserves to be loved for many more to come. The series depicts different cartoon-style characters from different time periods using Heinz ketchup: a caveman, a modern-day millennial and a futuristic robot. Each character is pouring ketchup on a plate of miscellaneous food, with the tagline “It has to be Heinz” to show that ketchup is the star of the show and that Heinz will be used for years to come. The bold animated style of the ad attracts millennials, who have an appreciation for this simplistic and trendy flat-design style. The ads also borrow design inspiration from the time-tested phenomenon of polaroid photos. We created games that depict the same characters from our print series tapping the ketchup bottle in true Heinz fashion to get ketchup on a conveyor belt of food. 


For the brand’s 150th anniversary, we partnered with Google to create a logo on the search engine’s homepage. Partnering with Google gave us a wide audience globally, and it would directed traffic to Heinz for more information. We also created games that depict the same characters from our print series tapping the ketchup bottle in true Heinz fashion. We placed game kiosks in places where millennials frequently travel but don’t normally interact with our brand, such as bus stops, airports and subways, which encourages millennials to interact with the brand in their everyday lives and continues to play on the passage of time as they wait for transportation while sparking engagement and creating brand loyalty. 

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