Krave Jerky presented a challenge to change the audience's perception and attitude of beef jerky from being a low-end road trip snack to becoming a more sophisticated, healthy snack alternative, creating a new product category for Krave: artisanal jerky.  Our target audience is adults 25-34 who are health conscious, enjoy craft products, and live busy lifestyles but maintain health consciousness. Looking more into consumers and the category, we learned that our consumers are snacking more, which has them looking for more nutritional options, and that our competitors are ignoring the craft, flavor nuances and sophistication that goes into jerky. These key insights were the driving factors for the strategy for our campaign. 

Our target audience values brand personality, so Krave will showcase its personality to set itself apart from competitors in this crowded category. Through tasteful humor and unconventional product associations, we displayed the product and brand in a sophiscasted manner. The main slogan "Carefully Crafted Pleasure" represents the brands unique flavors and process, while the secondary tagline "Snack-on, guilt free" reminds consumers that jerky is a healthy option. We implemented this strategy in an integrated marketing campaign consisting of three print advertisements, which places Krave in typically sophisticated situations such as pillow mints at a fancy hotel, flights of beer or wine, or a flower arrangement; a social media campaign highlighting Krave's quiet packaging; and an event where contestants will compete to create a new Krave flavor, which showcases Krave's craft and unique flavors. 

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