For the 2019 National Student Advertising Competition, my class was tasked with creating a campaign that changes the perception of hot dogs, increases national sales of hot dogs, and in turn leads customers to pick Wienerschnitzel as the hot dog brand of choice. As the integrated marketing communication group leader, I was responsible for a team of six other students. Together with the creative team, we brainstormed hundreds of ideas for the campaign's "big idea" (based on a creative brief presented by our account planning team), as well as ideas for the integrated marketing segment of the campaign. 


Hot Dog! That's Good! With a slogan we chose based on a saying that is slowly making its way back into common language with a younger audience, this campaign tackled changing perceptions of hot dogs in three phases: increasing interest in hot dogs, increasing positive sentiment of hot dogs, and increasing brand recognition and Wienerschnitzel sales. From blimps, to partnerships, to in-house promotions, the IMC team worked closely with the creative, account planning, and media teams to create a cohesive campaign which would garner nearly 2 million impressions nationwide that won second place in our region at the 2019 NSAC.